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Why You Need A Debt Defense Attorney

Hello, I am Matthew Mazur and I am a Debt Defense Attorney. I represent individuals and families in Miami-Dade County and Broward County Florida against lawsuits brought by their creditors. Whether it’s a Credit Card, Hospital Bills, Vehicle Loan, or some other debt, I stand ready to help you and your family understand and defend your rights. You have options and I can help you to develop a strategy to deal with your creditors.

Your Creditors Have Attorneys Working for Them.  So Should You.

Don’t ignore a lawsuit filed by your creditors! You only have 20 days to respond to the lawsuit once it is served on you in the State of Florida. If you don’t respond in 20 days your creditors will get a Default Judgment against you.  Once they have a default against you, your creditors can move for a Final Default Judgment, which will give them the power to collect money with the help of the courts.

Ignoring a Lawsuit Can Cost You $$$

Debt Defense Attorney Warning Not To Ignore Lawsuits - Call Miami Debt Defense Attorney Matthew Mazur (305) 466-3328Ignoring a lawsuit filed by your creditors  will result in additional fees and costs being added to what your creditors are claiming you already owe them. The end result: your creditors will get their money with interest and other fees without lifting a finger!

But even if you owe your creditors the money, you may have defenses and negotiation options available to you to limit what you have to pay them.

A Debt Defense Attorney Will Help You Stand Up to the Credit Card Companies!

I help you stand up to the credit card companies, debt collectors, and debt collection attorneys and fight for a resolution that you can accept. If you ignore a lawsuit filed against you a Default Judgment will be entered against you by the Court. This means that your Creditor wins without ever having to prove they are legally entitled to a judgment against you!

Once your creditor has a judgment against you, they can garnish your bank accounts, they can garnish your wages, they can make your life very difficult, all with the assistance of the Courts because they got a judgment against you.  It probably seems easier to just ignore the phone calls or the lawsuit, but it is not. Your creditors will do whatever they can to collect from you. You need a Debt Defense Attorney on your side to deal with them.

As a Debt Defense Attorney I will help you evaluate your options, come up with a game plan to deal with your creditors and assist you in getting through this difficult time in your life. I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself by contacting me to schedule a consultation.

If you are dealing with any of the following:

  • Lawsuit filed by one of your creditors; or
  • Debt Collectors ringing your phone off the hook; or
  • You are behind on your payments and receiving collection letters; or
  • You can’t sleep at night because of your debt situation; or
  • You are just ready for a fresh financial start!

It’s time to contact me for a free consultation so that I can help you develop a game plan to deal with your current financial situation.

Doing Nothing Changes Nothing!

As Your Debt Defense Attorney I Can Help You Deal With Creditors

Contact me  today for a Free Consultation about your specific situation.

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