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Today, I had a former client call us about a strange voice mail message she received. The voice mail was left by “Jason Cobb” from Legal Service. He indicated that he was calling because legalBeware of Debt Scammers - Contact Attorney Matthew Mazur (305) 466-3328 documents were going to be served on the client and she needed to be home for them. If she wasn’t going to be home, then the client should call 844-228-7938 to make arrangements. The client called the number before calling me. When she called the number she spoke to “Anthony.” Anthony told her that they were not debt collectors but were a “legal service company” and that the county required her to be present with proper ID to receive service of legal documents for a Capital One Debt. When she told him that should would not be there in the time frame indicated he told her that they could server her at her job, but would need to update the address. He also told her that he may be able to stop the whole service process if she were to make a payment. At that point, she ended the contact and called me.

Miami Debt Defense Attorney Matthew Mazur - (305) 466-3328I called 844-228-7938 and “Anthony” answered. I asked him what company he worked for and he stated he worked for “Regency Filing.” He would not provide me with the address or state from which he was calling. He then wanted to know who I was and I told him I was a Florida Lawyer. He said anyone could claim that, so I gave him my bar ID number and said look me up. Again he did not believe that I was who I said I was. Our conversation ended shortly there after.

Clearly, this company is attempting to scam unsuspecting people and use their fear of a legal proceeding to get them to pay them money on an alleged debt. How they are targeting people and getting the information to make the calls seem legitimate remains a mystery.

If you receive a call or voice mail like this, make sure you get names and write down the phone number you received the call from and any phone number that is left on a voice mail for you to call back. You can attempt to get the name of the company these scammers work for, but most likely the name they give will be bogus. Once you have this information, if you live in Florida please let the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division know. You can file a formal complaint online by clicking here. This link brings you directly to an online form to file a complaint. When filling out the form, if you don’t know the name of the company make sure to provide the phone number you received the call from or the phone number you were told to call back in a voice mail. The more folks who let the State Attorney General’s office know about these scammers the better.  Additionally, you may also want to contact the Federal Trade Commission. They also have an interest in stopping these types of scams. To file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission click here.

If you live in Florida and are receiving calls from Debt Collectors or “Legal Couriers” , contact me for a Free telephone consultation to discuss your situation. Unfortunately, many times these scammers are here today and gone tomorrow so stopping them is difficult. They count on taking advantage of peoples fear of court and lack of knowledge regarding their scam. Lets all work together to stop these scammers in their tracks!

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