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Many people believe that they can defend themselves in a credit card lawsuit, and to be honest some probably can, but most should not. Why should’nt someone represent themselves in a Lawsuit with a Creditor? Simple, as the old saying goes “A lawyer who represents themselves has a fool for a client.” The same is true for a non-lawyer who represents themselves in a creditor lawsuit. It is not the best situation to be in to represent yourself, there are things you will not understand, because you have not been trained in the law and this opens you up to costly mistakes that may ultimately result in you losing a case that could have been won if you had an attorney or could have been resolved with a settlement that was more adventageous to you then the one you were offered by the creditor before they got their judgment against you.

If I needed the electrical wiring in my house fixed, I would not go to the bookstore and get the “Dummies Guide To Electrical Wiring” read it and attempt to fix my wiring problem. Could I do it if I really had to, most likely I could, but I would be very concerned that I did something wrong and would not enjoy the anxiety the do it yourself process caused me. I would rather pay an electrician to perform the work that he has trained his professional life to do. He is the expert in electricity not me.

I get calls all the time from people who represented themselves and ended up with a judgment against them, not because they didn’t tell their side of the story right, but simply because they did not know the law and they lost on a legal technicality. The legal process is complicated and has many pitfalls, if one is not prepared for them they can cost you your chance at victory. If you do not respond to the complaint filed against you in a certain way, within a certain time, you will probably end up with a judgment against you without even having your “day in court”.

 Unfortunately if you get a judgment against you, the process is very costly and time-consuming to try and undo that judgment and many times it cannot be undone. The result is that you owe the original money the creditor sued for plus attorney’s fees, court costs and other associated litigation costs that are allowed to be collected under standard credit agreements

Many people being sued by their creditors believe that they cannot afford to have an attorney defend them because it will cost to much. This is simply not the case. There are many attorneys who will represent clients in cases like these for flat monthly fees that are much more affordable then people believe. There are also many attorneys who will represent clients in cases like these on a one-time flat feet that can be broken up into monthly payments to make it more affordable.  The bottomline is, if you want to hire an attorney to defend you against your creditor’s lawsuit there are ways you can do it and it can be very affordable. Why put yourself through unnecessary anxiety and stress by defending yourself against trained debt collection attorneys when you could hire your own attorney? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Don’t forget if you are sued in Florida by one of your creditors, you have 20 days from the date you were served with their complaint to respond to it or they will get a default judgment against you and you will have lost without ever getting your “day in court.” Don’t let them win without proving their case!

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